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Nov 16, 2012 12:00am PST
about? [ applause ] >> jimmy: look at this. it's fred willard, everyone. >> thank you, thank you. wait a minute. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. i didn't come for the applause, but it's very nice. jimmy, i'm serious. what's going on here? i mean, i thought we were friends. >> jimmy: we are friends. >> what's all this with national unfred day. >> jimmy: no, no. >> let me get this off my chest. everything is fun for a laugh, jimmy, but there are millions of people named fred out there and i happen to be one of them. and did you ever stop for two seconds and think about my feelings. evidently not, because you are telling people to unfred. which, i mean, what if i started a holiday and told people to unjimmy? how would that make you feel? >> jimmy: well, fred, it's -- >> don't call me fred. you can call me mr. willard until you decide to banish that for heaven's sake. >> jimmy: it's not -- >> you know, i've had enough of this. you don't care about anyone other than yourself. >> jimmy: that is just not true. >> maybe you are unfamiliar with the many contributions people named fred have m
Nov 24, 2012 9:00am PST
democratic dialogue. >>> cnn newsroom continues right now with fred. hi there, fred. >> hello again. we have a lot straight ahead. including this, i know you talked a lot about it all morning long. more on the passing of an iconic hollywood actor. on camera he was conniving, greedy, maybe even evil. but the real life larry hagman was nothing of the sort. best known as j.r. on the prime time television series "dallas." his former co-stars remember him today as fun, wild, and a memorable star in hollywood. hagman died yesterday of complications from cancer. cnn's colleen mcedwards takes a look at his life and legacy. >> reporter: larry hagman wore many hats in his career. but his best known for the stetson that he wore on "dallas." despite rolls on film and on stage, hagman will always be remembered as the villianous j.r. ewing. >> and you drove cliff to attempt suicide. >> how was i to know he was going to do a dumb thing like that? >> reporter: wn j.r. was shot by an unknown assailant, it was the most famous cliffhangers in tv history, watched by 300 million people from all over the
Nov 10, 2012 9:00am PST
colleague, supervisor sean elsbernd. >> thank you, mr. president. my honoree today is mr. fred martin. fred, if you'd like to come forward. fred is a long-time resident of district 7, right there in the heart of the district [speaker not understood]. to be quite honest, to be quite frank, mental health is not an issue that rises to the top of a lot of district 7 concerns. i don't hear about mental health issues often at neighborhood meetings, letters, calls. but fred always makes it his top issue. and this is a gentleman who has had a very long successful business career, who has made mental health advocacy really a great part of his life today. and he has done more than just about anybody else to educate me about issues in and around mental health. he's opened my eyes, opened my ears to a lot of issues that prior to coming to the board i had no idea about. and i'm very grateful to fred for doing that. and just within quite frankly the very parochial world of district 7, i give great credit to fred for making this issue far more prevalent in the minds of the residents of district 7, helping
FOX Business
Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm EST
get done? joining me now is fred barnes, fox news contributor and executive editor of "the weekly standard." we have juan williams, fox news political analyst. you know what, guys? i'm going to bring people together if it kills me here. you know? fred, give me your olive branch. what could the republican offer? we have to solve the problems the fiscal cliff not like we're going over it anymore. it is speeding at us. i'm terrified. give me an olive branch. >> melissa, you first thing you need to do is not do all this in the lame-duck session of congress. you have the stopgap measures is. turn it over to the new president, same president, obama. democrats ought to be happy with that because there are a few more democrats than there were in the last one. if you listened to speaker boehner last night. he is happy to have tax revenues go up, just not tax rates. you don't want to raise tax rates when you have an economy that is so weak it is disincentive to invest, and job, and --. melissa: fred, no olive branch what you're saying there, my friend. >> sure what do you mean? melissa: jua
Nov 7, 2012 11:00am PST
] >> hi, my name is fred lein. i'm most proud of driving a ramp taxi since the beginning of the program in 1994. [music] >> fred, you are the absolute best! thank you fred for providing transportation for me and opening up my social life, and taking care of medical appointments, taking care of my mother [music] >> hi, my name is ann bailey and i've driven for luxor for almost five years now. i drove for desoto cab for 10 years prior to that. i drove in 1976 for the old, old yellow cab. this is frances mecchi and i've been driving her for about 11 or 12 years to her alzheimer's day program, which we call the memory club. every day when we drive through the presidio she'll say, "oh goody, you're taking me through the enchanted forest." [music] >> my name amr a.mahmoud. i am like 49 years old. i have been driving cab more than 13 year in general. then i drove a ramp more than 3 years. this is my fourth now. i have been enjoying doing the job. i like every moment of it. >> thank you amr. [music} >> hi, my name is peter and i'm a paratransit driver for medsam, and this is north and south of
Nov 9, 2012 7:00am EST
election day, fred barnes joins us for a look back at campaign 2012 and the future of the republican party. thank you for being here. what went wrong for mitt romney? why did he lose a race that so many thought coming into the election was his to win? guest: including me. this was more of a race i have to say that obama won by having such a strong campaign rather than romney losing. obama may have been the only democratic candidate running on a record of a weak economy and debt crisis that we face and still win. yet, he did. they did very many things that were right. you can point to a couple of things with mitt romney. he may not have been the perfect candidate for 2012 given his corporate turnaround background, secondly, he did not get something republicans have counted on and that is the white working-class voters. in states like ohio, the ads attacking mayor romney as a corporate raider and buccaneer that went on for many months put on by the obama campaign seemed to work. the white working-class vote did not turn out for mitt romney in the numbers he needed. host: you had a piece yest
Nov 3, 2012 9:00am PDT
. >>> and cnn newsroom continues with fred. >> have a great day. >> i'm going to go home and turn back my clock before i forget. >> that's right. we'll see you an hour earlier tomorrow. thanks so much. appreciate that. the countdown is on indeed. election day is just three days away now. the presidential candidates are making a huge final push in the battleground states. today president obama campaigns in ohio, wisconsin, iowa and virginia. mitt romney stumping in new hampshire, iowa, and colorado. they're running mates are also going nonstop. vice president is in colorado and paul ryan is holding rallies in pennsylvania, virginia, florida, and ohio. so ohio indeed could be the biggest battleground of the election. the race there is very tight. a just released cnn/orc poll shows obama ahead by just three points, well within the margin of error. an nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows a wider gap with obama leading by six points. president obama is about to speak at a rally in mentor, ohio. he is at least in the building, we understand. and so is our white house correspond dan loathian. the pres
Nov 9, 2012 4:00pm PST
as well today. fred kaplin joins me from, author and fran townsend, a contributor for us. fred, let me start with you. you were the first to write about this specific, the affair today and to mention paulabroad well. what can you tell us? >> well, i can tell you that i have this from multiple, highly reliable sources. you know, she wrote this book about him, which was more of a valentine to him. people, it had been rumored that something was going on between the two of them for some time. i never believed it. people who knew him better than i did never believed it. i've always viewed him as a very straight arrow. >> i had the same impression. a man who walked the walk and talked the talk. and fran, you also know him very well. is this, this specific affair, this really the reason that he is resigning? >> yeah, i've heard nothing to suggest there's any other reason. i think it is in fact related to the allegations of the extramarital affair and look, i think when you look at the letter he wrote, he's taken personal responsibility. he's hold, i think he's holding himself accounta
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
. >> stay with us. i want to bring in fred plankton in southern israel. also there, a senior correspondent for global post. fred, i know you're hearing jets right now. what's the latest where you are? >> absolutely right, anderson, there are jets from the israeli military just passing overhead, literally a couple minutes ago. it looks as though gaza might be in for a few more air strikes. what's happened here on the ground, we are only about eight miles way from the border with gaza, they've had at least 20 rockets come over from gaza here. what they have in place here is a missile defense system called the iron dome and across southern israel, the israeli defense forces say that missile defense system has intercepted as many as 130 rockets coming out of gaza but of course, it can't intercept all of them. that's the reason the israelis say why they keep sending war planes over there to try and suppress especially the medium and long range rockets coming out of gaza, because one of the things that also happened today is that the outskirts of tel aviv were actually hit by a rocket as well. n
Nov 3, 2012 1:30pm PDT
and tweeting with you, this is a conversation, let's get involved. fred, i'll tell you our reporters started to document this the minute it was coming in. >> wow, they sent us great images of the storm as it was hitting. and then they sent us more images afterwards, as well. let's take a look at some of those ireports. >> i want to show you right now, opening up the window right here, it is really like a massive hurricane out there. you can hear it. it is very, very bad out there right now. >> evacuate. boat, ready to go. that crane just broke. >> this used to be a running pad -- impossible, but there is no -- there is no difference between where the east river is and where the fdr is, the fdr is completely shut off. [ noises ] >> devastation in white plains, where literally trees are ripped from its roots. >> now, i had to see what was down there, so i made my way in. first thing you notice is the sound of the generators, the drone. i thought of taking a jet ski down the old a-train line. but hey, i don't have a jet ski and i'm sure they would come after me. >> yeah, that is the first time
Nov 8, 2012 9:00pm PST
to the arctic... >> they cannot fit northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere... >> hockenberry: and fred singer, the veteran scientist at these proceedings. he's a retired physicist once responsible for government weather satellites, who tells people the climate needs no help from worried humans. >> climate, to me, has become a non-issue. it's a phantom issue. there's nothing wrong with climate. it will change no matter what we do. it'll get colder, it'll get warmer. we just have to wait a little. >> hockenberry: singer says he's dedicated to explaining his theories about global warming. what keeps you going? what's your motivation? >> basically i like to see good science being done and protected. i think i'm fighting here for scientific truth. that's important to me. >> hockenberry: do you think the science is being hyped on global warming? >> oh, very definitely, yes. >> hockenberry: armed with that conviction, this team of skilled political messengers and contrarians has certainly changed the game. in just four years, the number of americans who agree global warming is man-made has dr
Nov 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. with the absence of fred davis the undrafted unknown has stepped up and the quarterback has taken notice. >> it he is a great guy. he works are. people do not realize, there are a lot of great players. he is a number one draft pick. anytime you have a guy like fred go down and have a guy like logan and step up. >> the chargers -- mario wiliams takes it to the house. the chargers when -- win. the turks are on their fourth quarterback for this season. -- the terps are on their fourth quarterback for the season. >> he played quarterback in high school. i think he feels like a quarterback at heart. i know he is looking forward to the opportunity to go out there and play. and he is excited and we are excited for him. he wants to go out and play really really well. he can stay as a quarterback. >> all right, so the maryland record is not as impressive, but these uniforms certainly are. the all-black maryland state pride -- the shoes -- >> whoa! >> i do not think you will be able to turn away, actually. and a home game against the boston celtics -- boston celtics. he wants to improve from his modest eig
Nov 18, 2012 7:30pm EST
for answers rights now with fred krup, president of the environmental defense fund. fred, good to have you on the program. >> glad to be here. >> so the international energy agency this week said the u.s. will be the largest global oil producer in 2020. this is amazing. so tell me about this sea change in global energy flows today. >> it's great to have more american-made energy, but it's not good enough. we also need to modernize our energy grid. it's not good enough to just be the best at producing the energy the last century. and we are going to spend a couple trillion dollars modernizing the grid, and the question is how we do it. hopefully we do it in a way that protects us from cyber security risks that makes the grid more resilient from storms. that facilitates energy efficiency and renewable energy, cleaner energy in the future. >> you know, it's interesting, because i think we all want to be energy-independent. we want -- we know this country is rich in natural gas. but for the most part, people don't want it in my backyard and yet ge ceo jack with welsh compared it to the interne
Nov 29, 2012 6:00pm PST
into the chowchilla kidnapping case from one of kidnapers. >> any comments? >> no comment there but fred worth says plenty at his parole hearing including details never heard before. >> the feds decide whether a north bay oyster farm will stay open or close for good. >> social media let's people raise money for almost any goal. >> dan: right now, oakland police are doing a block by block search along the 3400 block of international boulevard trying to find her. she was last seen on oakland on tuesday night. she lives in the fred finch youth center which is home to children with development issues but they want to get her back safe and sound. >> apollo hearing is giving us new details. we're talking about chowchilla kidnapping. >> 26 children and their driver were buried alive. parole board denied release for one of the kidnappers. >> dan noyes was the only reporter there. >> fred wood said greed drove them but the parole board he hasn't dealt with the issue behind bars. prime example, they looked to 60 cars buying dozens at sale. he a rich man now with family money in a trust fund. they could not r
Nov 4, 2012 5:00pm PST
believe, go ahead, fred. >> yes, mark, it is branch, safety this tampa bay team had so many weapon here. we talk about martin, a big record performance, those receivers, jackson, 6'5, those guys are receiving wise that are tough to go one-on-one with. >> yes. they have a good corp. we had a game plan. did not execute the game plan. if we execute it we can. >> we knew we had to stop the deep ball. we knew we had to control martin. >> you guys came in with a bit of confidence, winning two in a row, but did you feel like, okay, we are going to have to outscore these guys or did you think you could hold them down. >> we thought we could stop them. we have a lot of confidence in our guys. >> martin, i know the game plan for him, what kind of runner was he? what surprised him. >> a good running back. strong and fast and he makes good cuts and plays. >> there seem to be a lot of penalties out there. you were able to take advantage of some of their appellant penalties. you guys were within three points, late in the ball game. it is as something ster yes. we never thought we were out of the game
Nov 4, 2012 12:00pm PST
of the hands of mitt romney, fred. >> the rival in florida has seen the new legal battle over early voting. tell me more about that. >> reporter: very early this morning, the democratic party of florida filing suit to try and get early voting extended. this is why. early voting was supposed to wrap up yesterday, and there were people waiting in line for hours. in t in the urban parts of southern florida but also in central central florida which is key for president obama. he has a lot of supporters who aren't necessarily reliable voters on election day. african-american voters, latino voters, young voters, so early voting worked to his advantage to give them more time to vote. in 2008, early voegting here in florida lasted 14 days, two weeks. this time it's been limited to eight days by the legislature which is controlled by republicans, and also today, which is sunday, fred, this would have been a big day for the obama campaign, the sunday before election day back in 2008. they would organize for a lot of african-american voters to go straight from church to the polls to early vote. obvio
Nov 4, 2012 2:00pm PST
to try and make sure that people there are able to vote? >> well, the first thing i can tell you, fred is that more than 143,000 people just in this one bourough alone will not be going to the usual polling places that they are used to. here's why. just take a look around. i am right now walking on a boardwalk. a chunk of a boardwalk that is running 90 degrees perpendicular to where it used to be, behind me, running along the ocean. huge chunks of a boardwalk that has broken up and is now running down side streets of new york. homes here along the water front, due to flooding, people on their own have dragged all this out to the street. they have no power, look at these power lines down here. and they have to figure out how they are going to vote. nevertheless, people tell us, they're trying to do it. the board of elections is running generators out to a lot of the new polling places to make sure that the voting machines will work. they spent a lot of time doing that today in hopes that that will help people be able to vote. but will they get there? i talked to a couple of people who s
Nov 18, 2012 3:00am PST
rocket alert going on. we've got to get out of here. >> go, fred. there you see it. a strike in ash colon. we've got the pictures up as fred and our camera crew get out of the way. it's a sign that another strike is coming. can we listen here? >> reporter: and we have the impacts. we can stay on, we can stay on, we can stay on, colleen. >> we're with you. we're with you. >> reporter: you still there? >> yes, go ahead. >> reporter: colleen, basically what happened is the air sirens went off and we ran to sort of a shelter that we have right here. this is a residential building. we're sort of in the house. we heard one impact. the alarms seem to have died down. we're going to sort of get up and wait. stay down. we're going to stay down actually is that that was our fred pleitgen. tell us how things have changed there. there's a new normal. >> reporter: oh, you're absolutely right. the new normal is that basically people have to live with the threat of rocket attacks the entire day. what they do is stay inside most of the day. it's interesting to see. every time people go outside they have t
Nov 22, 2012 9:00am PST
, the city that sits just a few miles from gaza and has been hit numerous times by hamas rockets. our fred plankon reports on the mood there. in the town that suffered through so many air raid alarms, igor says this is the first time he can take his kids shopping without fear. >> you feel like you're back to life. there are alarms and fire. sdmrul won't see people celebrating the cease-fire here. many saying the air campaign israel waged against hamas didn't achieve the main objective of stopping rocket attacked on towns. many fear the fire from gaza will start begin as it has in the past. >> i think the government of israel must with this war. >> you think hamas is the winner there. life was put on hold during the conflict. schools were closed, and most businesses as well. many stayed indoors if they didn't have to go outside. now the mayor is busy getting the town up and running again. he says he, too, blooefdz rockets will be raining on his town again in the not too distant future. >> maybe the cease-fire will be a few days, a few months. i don't think that it will be more than a few mo
FOX News
Nov 22, 2012 3:00pm PST
charity. let's bring our panel. fred barnes, executive editor of the weekly standard. kirsten columnist and charles crowd hammer, welcome to you all. and thank you for coming to thanksgiving and share your wisdom with our viewers, we appreciate it. and fred, thank you, a lot are pointing out this people have to be food on the table and don't necessarily even if they don't want to give to charity and if there's a cut back, if that's eliminated, how is it going to play out. >> it didn't happen in the short run, dealing with the fiscal cliff, and i don't think it's going it happen for the simple reason, the people who are the biggest donors as a couple of folks said, introducing this issue, are the most powerful people in the country. they're republicans and democrats and give, this is would decimate hospitals, museums, colleges, universities, so many charities, and that's why it's just not going to happen. and research organizations, and look, there's a lot of money there to be gained by the government. but, it won't happen because the elite of america are the big donors, the richest peop
Nov 19, 2012 6:00am PST
by again, wolf. we're going to bring in fred bl pleitgen. he's in gaza city. he's going to talk more about the media center, building under attack in the last two days by israel. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: it appears as though the media center that was targeted in gaza, this is the second time in just as many days that this has happened. we're still trying to get details of what is going on on the ground there. but as you said, it was only yesterday that the media center apparently was targeted. what the israeli side is saying this was a targeted strike that did not target journalists. in fact, they were trying to hit communications equipment that was being used by militants there in gaza. not only hamas but also islamic jihad as well. of course, journalists that we've been speaking to who were in the building at the time say that there was no presence of any militants in that building. and that this strike did not appear to be targeting any sort of militants, but rather that there were only civilians in that building. >> speaking of civilian casualties, there have been many w
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 484 (some duplicates have been removed)